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Warriors Land by Veeheister

Warriors Land

Multiplayer adventure RPG on Google Assistant. Build your character, interact with other players and become the Great Emperor of Warriors Land.

What's my Biorhythm on Google Assistant

What's my Biorhythm

Based on your date of birth, this application will calculate your biorhythm and interpret the meaning behind the numbers. Be careful, it's addictive!

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Word Chain

Word Chain

Popular word game which attracted over 1.4 million unique users to date.

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Estate Agent

A prototype of Estate Agent voice application with integrated Zoopla API

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Fleet Battle - Pen and Paper Battleship game

Fleet Battle

This classic pen and paper game can now be played with Alexa and Google Assistant. This game uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms to shoot your ships just like another human player! Don't forget to find a pen and paper before playing the game.

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Drum Metronome

Guitar practicing tool with real drummer. Premium subscription available.

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Hotel Finder

Hotel Finder

Find the best hotel for your next trip.

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Only One

Project no longer maintained

Voice-first dating platform.

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